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An Opera That Delivered a Eureka Moment to Mozart

Edinburgh Festival Stages World Premiere of Stuart MacRae’s Opera The Assassin Tree

What the Santa Fe Opera means to New Yorkers

MENDELSSOHN: Sacred Choral Music

The English ìOxbridgeî choral tradition tends to be a cohesive one, most often with choirs of men and boys receiving similar training, singing a largely shared repertory in similar venues and in similar contexts.


Harry Christophers and The Sixteen have a particular affinity for pre-modern polyphony, as their long discography, teeming with the music of the Eton Choirbook, assorted Renaissance masters, Handel, Bach, and others, amply shows.

WAGNER: Die Meistersinger von N¸rnberg

Some argue that Bayreuth ushered in the modern era of regietheatre in opera productions with its now-legendary centennial Der Ring des Nibelungen, directed by Patrice Chereau.

Childrenís Songs of the World

In Turkey recently, we visited a second-grade classroom, where our guide invited the children to sing songs for us.

Mozart ó Airs SacrÈs

It seems only natural that the quality of radiance should quickly come to mind in contemplating the twelfth-century Basilica of Saint Denis, where luminous stained glass creates colored walls of mystical light.