Carlos Cogul: Introduction

Carlos Cogul is a London vocal coach and an appreciated baritone giving many a recital ÖÖin the London Tube while commuters hastily pass by to catch their trains. Judging from the photo on this CD he is not a young man any more.

ROSSINI: Bianca e Falliero

The choice between this recording made at the Pesaro Festival in August 2005 and the Opera Rara recording of 2000 will partly be made for non-musical reasons.

Jan Neckers on Recently Reissued Historicals

Almost thirty years ago a century old tradition ended with the last performance of I Maestri Cantatori.

MARSCHNER: Der Templer und die J¸din

Der Templer und die J¸din, Grosse romantische Oper in three acts.

Naxos Now on MusicGiants; PentaTone to Come

Stressed Opera Singers Turn to Drugs

Kate Royal and Christine Rice, Queenís Hall, Edinburgh

Santa Fe Opera in Changing Times

Santa Fe Operaís announcement August 10 that English-born impresario, Richard Gaddes, General Director of the company since 2001, will retire at the end of season 2008, took the local opera community by surprise.

Unsuk Chin’s “Alice in Wonderland”

“Who in the world am I?” proclaimed the posters all over Munich, reducing Lewis Carroll’s famous conundrum to a sound-bite.

GLUCK: IphigÈnie en Tauride

IphigÈnie en Tauride, TragÈdie Lyrique in four acts.