Echo de Paris: Parisian Love Songs 1610-1660

National styles of music in the seventeenth century were often distinctive, and in the case of French and Italian music, famously so.

Lamentazioni per la Settimana Santa

Despite an unsurprising degree of conservatism in liturgical music, devotional life in Rome often found ways of taking advantage of modern musical style.

ìOne Foot in Eden Still, I Standî: Choral Music by Nicholas Maw.

The English composer Nicholas Maw has been a major voice since the 1960’s, with a wide range of works that include the 2002 opera, “Sophieís Choice,” a violin concerto for Joshua Bell (1993), and the monumentally-scaled orchestral work, “Odyssey” (1972-87).

Johann Pachelbel. Arien & Concerti

Although few composers have been so closely associated with a single work, Johann Pachelbel, whose canon for three violins has achieved canonical ubiquity, was a prolific composer with a number of vocal works to his credit.

The Oxford Psalms

Founded in Oxford in the early 1990ís, the ensemble Charivari AgrÈable looks to seventeenth-century composers with Oxford connections as the basis for their recent recording, ìThe Oxford Psalms.î

Thomas Stoltzer. Psalm Motets.

Thomas Stoltzer represents German composition in the wake of the Reformation yet still immersed in the contrapuntal richness of the Josquin tradition.

Allegri ìMiserereî; Palestrina ìMissa Papae Marcelliî

This is a recording that glories in iconicity.

Hear the Voice and Prayer

There are a number of signs of the popularity of the Kingís Singersótheir longevity as an ensemble, the huge success of their public concerts, and their sizable discography all come immediately to mind.

The Feast of St. Edward, King and Confessor at Westminster Abbey.

Westminster Abbey is surely many things to many people.

Playing Elizabethís Tune

The 2004 DVD “Playing Elizabethís Tune,” originating in a BBC television production, features concert performances of Byrdís sacred music sung by the Tallis Scholars along with documentary material treating the composer and his time.