Bayreuth: Nothung im Telegrafenmast

Holender kritisiert “unversch‰mte” Kartenpreise

Figaro: Trauung und Triebe – da gibt’s nichts zu lachen!

Wagner, a Musical Olympian, and CDís of His Gods From ëThe Ringí

The Fiery Angel, ROH, London,,1831950,00.html

Glimmerglass world premiere: Fine ensemble singing from large cast

BUXTEHUDE: Membra Jesu nostri

Dietrich Buxtehudeís Membra Jesu nostri is a large-scale Passion work dedicated to the Swedish chapelmaster, Gustav D¸bin, in whose notable collection, now at Uppsala, it holds a prominent place.

WAGNER: Das Rheingold

Was it so many years ago that lovers of Wagner’s titanic multi-part opus, Der Ring Des Nibelung, focused their passion principally on audio versions?

Salzburg Boos Future Festival Director Flimm for `Lucio Silla’

Night of sultry Spanish style