STRAUSS: Vier Letzte Lieder

Vier Letzte Lieder [Four Last Songs]

ROSSINI: Il barbeire di Siviglia

Rossini’s comic masterpiece premiered in 1816, which means a big anniversary lies just a few years ahead.

BERLIOZ: Les Nuits d’…tÈ

Les Nuits d’…tÈ (The Nights of Summer), Op. 7.

VIVALDI: Dixit Dominus, RV 807
GALUPPI: Laetatus Sum; Nisi Domine; Lauda Jerusalem

This disc presents the first recording of a work newly ascribed to the Red Priest (by musicologist Janice Stockigt), the Dixit Dominus held at the State Library of Saxony in Dresden, where it was ascribed to Vivaldi’s
younger Venetian colleague, Baldassare Galuppi (who is experiencing a renaissance of late, with various new discs of operas and sacred works).


The collection of sacred compositions published by Claudio Monteverdi in Venice in 1610 with a Latin title of jaw-breaking length (in which vesperae is only the tenth word) has attained the sort of elevated status granted to but a few works, which stand so high that the rest of the landscape is almost invisible from their peaks, or to put it in plainer language, a music-lover may have heard or heard of the Vespers without knowing any of the composer’s other works, nor those of his contemporaries (rather like the Four Seasons, or The Sorcerer’s Apprentice). There are over two dozen recordings of the work on the market at this writing.

Quiet & Dignified, If a Bit Dull

In a Multitude of ëMessiahí Choirs, One Group That Might Reign Forever and Ever

Professors Honored with Prestigious Musicology Awards

Charlottes Geheimnis,744186.html

H‰nsel und Gretel, Philharmonie Berlin