The Newest British Flagship

A Sensible, Musical ëFigaro’

A ëFigaroí With Youth, Agility and Eros

Das Rheingold, Royal Opera House, London

HAYNES: The End of Early Music ó A Period Performer’s History of Music for the Twenty-First Century

Once upon a time, there was something known as early music. This was not so much a repertoire, a musico-historical epoch, as an attitude, a counter-cultural group.

Carmen at ENO

There is a certain onerous responsibility in developing a new production of Carmen at a major house.

JAN¡?EK: Jen?fa

Across the country from Los Angeles, the Metropolitan Opera has opened its 2007-08 season with big stars (Netrebko, Alagna, Dessay, Giordani) in juicy, melodic operas by Donizetti and Gounod.