Tosca at the Royal Albert Hall

Benjamin Britten’s Pampered Brute

A Polish Prince Seizes the Stage

Los Angeles Opera: March 1 & 2, 2008

James Conlon has become the artistic heart and soul of Los Angeles Opera in his second season as music director.

Johann Sebastian Bach given a modern look, 260 years after portrait

Sir David Attenborough faces green protests over operaís wind turbine

On Metís Grand Stage, Opera Singers of Tomorrow


Fetonte: Dramma per musica in three acts.

Johann Sebastian Bach. H-moll-Messe, BWV 232.

The large number of recordings of Bachís Mass in B minor predispose one to look for distinctions between them.

Cyrano at The Opera Company of Philadelphia

The Opera Company of Philadelphiaís February production is the second staging of David DiChieraís new opera Cyrano, a co-production with Michigan Opera Theater and Florida Grand Opera.