Opera on Video Five Year Anniversary – A success story

The website operaonvideo.com was founded in September 2018 with the objective of documenting ALL full opera performances ever recorded, broadcast or streamed on video. It went live a few months later with 5,000 performances.

Since then, Opera on Video has expanded greatly with many additional features added.

The website now documents 26,000 performances/videos and provides links to over 20,000 full video performances (elsewhere on the Internet). Opera on Video is a database or catalogue of information, or a playlist. It is not a streaming service. Linked videos are viewed on other websites.

Opera on Video is entirely free and requires no registration.

There are up to 100,000 visitors per month from all around the globe.

Visitors include opera fans as well as many opera professionals.

Opera on Video also provides information about opera-related documentaries, interviews, movies as well as vocal concerts, oratorios, early vocal music, operettas and Zarzuela.

Information on performances includes singers, conductor, artistic staff, publisher, date and location and much more, as well as links to commercial availability on DVD and BD and paid streamings.

The website is fully searchable and allows one to find performances by singers, conductors, directors and much more.

Opera on Video was created by Flamand Olivier with the objective of promoting opera worldwide and give people who otherwise would not go to the opera a plethora of easy opera access and information. Any new opera performances being broadcast or streamed are immediately appearing on Opera on Video. It is not only the most up-to-date video opera resource on the Internet, it is also the largest by far and unique.

The website is published, maintained and expanded by Flamand Olivier single-handed. He also funds the website privately, with help of donations and some advertising. The site is hosted on a server in the USA, publishing and maintenance is performed in Switzerland.

For more information, please contact Flamand Olivier at operaonvideo@gmail.com