More Fallout from Dismissal of Fontana

Ricardo Muti
Workers strike at Milan’s la Scala opera
Associated Press [25 Feb 05]
ROME – Milan’s La Scala opera house has fired its top administrator, sparking angry protests from employees who have threatened to bring the curtain down on more performances, news reports said.
La Scala’s board of directors on Thursday dismissed Superintendent Carlo Fontana, who had a rift with conductor Riccardo Muti, Italy’s ANSA news agency reported. Fontana’s post will be taken over by Mauro Meli, director of La Scala’s theatrical division.
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La Scala suffers from lack of harmony
From Richard Owen in Rome [Times Online, 26 Feb 05]
BARELY two months after the restoration of La Scala was unveiled at a glittering gala, the great opera house is in chaos, with strikes threatening to bring down the curtain amid backstage intrigues worthy of an Italian libretto.
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