The Yeomen of New York

mikado2_small.jpgDoes anyone do this specialized repertory better than the New York Gilbert & Sullivan Players?

By Peter G. Davis [New York Magazine, 23 January 2006]
Lots of good folk out there are still passionate about Gilbert & Sullivan, emerging every January when the New York Gilbert & Sullivan Players take over City Center. This yearís season was limited to a weekís run of H.M.S. Pinafore and The Mikado, and the two matinees I attended were packed. True fans canít get enough of these operettas, even though many of them know each one by heartónewcomers excepted, of course, like the bug-eyed kid next to me on his dadís lap, hugely enjoying his first Pinafore. Neither Gilbert nor Sullivan was able to conjure up this kind of special magic on his own or with other collaborators. Perhaps the fact that they could barely tolerate each otheróan antipathy tempered by a healthy mutual respectókept their creativity so potent.