A Light Mozart Opera Refitted With a Hard Edge

werk-3829.jpg(Illustration: Jan Voss)
By ANTHONY TOMMASINI [NY Times, 5 August 2006]
SALZBURG, Austria, Aug. 4 ó There are two slogans you see posted all over town now that the prestigious Salzburg Festival has started. One is ìMozart 250,î signifying, of course, the 250th anniversary of the composerís birth. The other, more elusive slogan is ìMozart 22,î which refers to the festivalís most staggeringly ambitious project this summer: in the space of five weeks, all 22 (by the festivalís count) of Mozartís operatic works are being presented in staged productions, even the ones that he wrote when he was 12, including a couple of fragments. I will see just four while Iím here. First was a new production of No. 20, ìCosÏ Fan Tutte,î which opened on Thursday night.