ROSSINI: Il Signor Bruschino

Music composed by Gioachino Rossini (1792-1868). Libretto by Giuseppe
Foppa, based upon the play Le Fils par hasard, ou Ruse et Folie by
Alissan de Chazet and E.T.M. Ourry

First Performance: 27 January 1813, Teatro San MoisË,

Principal Characters:
Gaudenzio, guardian of Sofia Bass
Sofia Soprano
Bruschino, her father Bass
Bruschino, her brother Tenor
Florville, lover of Sofia Tenor
Un delegato di polizia Tenor
Filiberto, innkeeper Bass
Marianna, waitress Mezzo-Soprano

Setting: The environs of the Castle of Gaudenzio.


Sofia and Florville are in love, but Sofia’s guardian, Gaudenzio, is
against the match. He is an enemy of Florville’s father and when matters seem
easier, with the latter’s death, he presents a further obstacle, having
promised Sofia to the son of his old friend Signor Bruschino. Florville
impersonates young Bruschino, detained for an unpaid tavern bill, which
Florville has actually settled on his behalf, and the complications that
arise when old Bruschino appears are eventually solved when Signor Bruschino
is induced to accept Florville as his son, for the present purposes, although
well aware of the whole situation.


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product_title=Gioachino Rossini (1792-1868): Il Signor Bruschino
product_by=Sesto Bruscantini (Gaudenzio), Alda Noni (Sofia), Afro Poli (Bruschino, padre), Tommaso Soley (Bruschino, figlio), Cristiano Dalamangas (Filiberto), Fernanda Gadoni (Marianna), Antonio Spruzzola (Florville), Orchestra Sinfonica Della RAI Di Milano, Carlo Maria Giulini (cond.)
Live recording, 24 September 1951, Milan.