Fanfare Reviews Die Loreley

PACIUS Die Loreley * Osmo Vänskä, cond; Cornelius Hauptmann (Hubert); Soile Isokoski (Lenore); Riikka Rantanen (Bertha); Raimo Sirkiä (Otto); Topi Lehtipuu (Reinald); Arttu Kataja (Leupold); Lahti SO; Dominante Ch * BIS-CD-1393/1394 (2 CDs: 125:02 &) Live: Lahti, Finland 9/2003
Fredrik Pacius was born Friedrich Pacius in Hamburg (1809), where he studied under Spohr and Hauptmann, but he is more closely aligned with Finland, where he died in 1891. After a stint as a violinist in Sweden, Pacius moved to Finland where he taught at the University of Helsinki; he wrote the Finnish national anthem and the first Finnish opera, Kung Karls jakt in 1852.
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