Théâtre Impérial de Compiègne to Produce Auber’s Haÿdée ou Le secret

*Théâtre Impérial de Compiègne will produce on 28 November Hayedée ou Le secret, a comic opera in three acts by Daniel François Auber.*
Daniel Auber
*Production Details*
Libretto by Eugène SCRIBE
Music by Daniel François Esprit AUBER
Musical direction by Michel SWIERCZEWSKI
Stage design, stage and artistic
direction by Pierre JOURDAN
Costumes by Jean-Pierre CAPEYRON
Orchestre Français Albéric Magnard
Chorus Fiat Cantus conducted by Samuel Jean
Isabelle PHILIPPE Hayedée, Greek slave
Bruno COMPARETTI Loredan, admiral of Venice
Stéphane MALBEC GARCIA Domenico, sailor
Anne-Sophie SCHMIDT Rafaela, Loredan’s ward
Paul MéDIONI Malipieri, captain of the Bombardiers
Mathias VIDAL Andrea Donato, vessel lieutenant
*Background and Synopsis of the Opera*
by Herbert SCHNEIDER
Hayedée ou Le secret (literally “Hayedée or the secret”) was created on 28th December 1847 at the Théâtre de l’Opéra Comique (literally “The Comic Opera Theatre”) in the second Salle Favart (Favart Hall).
The libretto is inspired from the new Russian Six and four translated by Prosper Mérimée. The final choice for the name Hayedée may be linked to the dazzling success of Count of Monte Cristo by Dumas (1845) with Hayedée as the heroine. This name also sounds like Aïaut;da which was chosen later by Ghislanzoni and Verdi. Hayedée can be counted among Auber’s best scores.
After the naval victory against the Turks, Loredan is tormented by a memory of a past event: winning by cheating, he ruined his best friend to save his own fortune. As he is dreaming in the famous scene called “sleepwalker”, he confesses his guilt. Malipieri, his rival and fierce enemy, who knows nothing but hate (like Lago in Othello), witnesses this scene and wants to take advantage of this indiscreet discovery to conquer Hayedée and her wealth. Following terrible confrontations Loredan remains steadfast and prefers to renounce his dignity of Venice doge. As for Hayedée, revealed to be a Cyprus prince’s daughter, she loves Loredan but she is ready to marry Malipieri (“to be his slave”) to save Loredan.
Hayedée is an exceptional work in the history of the comic opera. It was performed 499 times in Paris, and for the first time in Germany in Kassel on 20th August 1848, then in Munich and Vienne. The considerable success achieved in Germany is proved in a laudatory report written by Walter Von Goethe and published in the Neue Berliner Musikzeitung of 1849.
*Ticket Information*
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