Stiffelio at Sarasota Opera

Sarasota Opera
Forgiveness easier said than done
By JAY HANDELMAN [, 18 Feb 05]
SARASOTA — Many operas are all about the music, but in “Stiffelio” composer Giuseppe Verdi paid a lot more attention than usual to the words.
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Stiffelio, Sarasota Opera, Florida
By George Loomis [Financial Times, 4 Mar 05]
The Sarasota Opera plans to renovate its stage and orchestra pit, and the improvements could alter the looks of the artistic product. This well-run company’s 1,000-seat theatre, built in the 1920s, is an agreeable place for opera and gives the lie to the notion that economic realities require American opera houses to seat thousands. But its stage has practically no depth, a defect especially conspicuous as the company continues its traversal of the Verdi canon, due for completion in 2013.
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