Deborah Voigt as Tosca

Deborah Voigt and Her Tosca Dream Come True
By ANTHONY TOMMASINI [24 April 2006]
The soprano Deborah Voigt had wanted to sing the title role of Puccini’s “Tosca” long before she tried it out for the first time with the Florida Grand Opera in 2001. She adored the role and felt it was a good vocal fit. But, as she has recently explained, she was too uncomfortable with her considerable weight back then to make Puccini’s character, an acclaimed prima donna in Rome of 1800 and a great beauty, part of her repertory.
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Thrown to the Lions
By FRED KIRSHNIT [NY Sun 24 April 2006]
Although “Tosca” is set specifically in 19th-century Rome, it felt more like the second century at the Metropolitan Opera on Saturday night, when soprano Deborah Voigt was thrown to the lions for her New York debut in the role. Until recently the darling of fans and critics, Ms.Voigt has rapidly fallen from grace with some mystifyingly equivocal performances. Thus it was hard not to get caught up in the drama of whether she would receive the thumbs up or down from this notoriously fickle crowd.
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