All 22 Mozart Stage Works for TV and DVD

Unitel/Classica, BFMI and the Salzburg Festival Present a Project of Superlatives: “Mozart 22”

Salzburg, 16th of August 2006. Unitel/Classica, BFMI and the Salzburg Festival are setting new standards in the audiovisual documentation of operatic works. “Mozart 22,” the unique production cycle of all of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s stage works at this year’s Salzburg Festival, is currently being recorded with the best and most advanced audiovisual technology. 20 one-hour documentaries and 22 opera recordings illuminate the musical interpretation and stage concepts of the works. The entire duration of all recorded stage works totals about 51 hours. Deutsche Grammophon and Decca will be releasing the DVD edition of the works in late fall 2006.

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