DITTERSDORF: Il barone di rocca antica

Which is fortunate, because the stage at the royal palace appears to be about the size of a dressing room at the Metropolitan Opera.

In this small space two couples cavort: a “noble” couple and a pair of servants. Librettist
Giuseppe Petrosellini (who saw the libretto first set to music by Mozart’s buddy Salieiri)
manages to juggle enough complications to keep the inevitable happy romantic resolutions
postponed until the end of two acts, each about 50 minutes long. As great a wonder as that is,
Ditters von Dittersdorf matches that level of craftsmanship, with consistently delightful and
charming, if hardly original, music.

Pál Németh serves as both director and conductor. In the latter function, he leads a very small
ensemble of musicians on period instruments in a delightful performance. As director, however,
he has given every performer some bit of business to do at almost every moment, so that no one
ever seems to simply listen to another character. In such a constricted space, one camera can
easily pick up on all this hyper-activity, and it becomes wearing after a while.

The baron of the title is sung by tenor Tamás Kóbor, possessor of a light but pleasant tenor. His
character spends an inordinate amount of time hectoring his manservant Giocondo. Gábor Bretz
takes this role, his somewhat rough baritone appropriate for a pre-Figaro manservant. Beatrix
Fodor performs as the baron’s female counterpart, Beatrice. She sounds a bit overripe at her
entrance, but as the evening progresses she settles down into a pleasing singer. The best of the
cast takes the role of Giocondo’s ladyfriend, Lenina. Edit Karoly has an attractive mezzo and a
naturally charming stage persona.

The booklet essay by Katalin Tamás should be a model of its kind: extremely informative about
every aspect of the opera, and stylishly written as well.

Yes, ultimately Il barone di rocca antica is a curiosity, but it makes for a most entertaining one
on this DVD. If one feels like playing the lord or lady of the manor for a couple hours, pop this in
the royal DVD player.

Chris Mullins

image_description=Karl Ditters von Dittersdorf: Il barone di rocca antica
product_title=Karl Ditters von Dittersdorf: Il barone di rocca antica
product_by=Tam·s KÛbor, Beatrix Fodor, Edit K·roly, G·bor Bretz, Savaria Baroque Egy¸ttes Korh? Hangszereken, Savaria Baroque Orchestra VezÈnyel, P·l NÈmeth (cond.)
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