MAZZOCCHI: Madrigali e Dialoghi

Mazzocchi has several strikes against him ñ
first, his production is exclusively vocal, and so inaccessible to listeners who don’t know
Italian or Latin or both. More importantly, even at this late stage in the early music (and
perhaps due to reason number one), most of his work still remains inaccessible in modern
editions (for example, the book of madrigals from 1638, with 24 works was only excerpted with
a modern edition presenting six). The late (1664) collection of Sacrae Cantiones is available

Not only is there first-rate music here, but it is most winningly performed by Les Paladins.
Particular applause must go to the excellent bass singing of Renaud Delaigue, who carries off
deep and florid parts (not an easy combination!) with great panache. Another delectable moment
is provided by the trio of sopranos Monique Zanetti and Valerie Gabail with tenor Benoit
Haller, with floating and seductive tones at the opening of Breve Ë la vita nostra. Indeed,
this moment is too brief, since here (and elsewhere in the disc, for reasons of time?) the
ensemble omits verses in strophic arias (we might never have known, had the booklet not
included them).

A final quibble: this is the sort of disc that drives librarians and catalogers mad, since it
provides the titles of the works, but not the information about which of the composer’s
publications the works are drawn from. Try to rectify this next time, please! Nevertheless,
this is a most valuable contribution to the yet-small Mazzocchi discography. Warmly

Tom Moore

image_description=Domenico Mazzocchi: Madrigali e Dialoghi
product_title=Domenico Mazzocchi: Madrigali e Dialoghi
product_by=Les Paladins; Jerome Correas
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