Opera Etiquette

Going to the Theater
Miss May
The Epoch Times
Dec 12, 2004

Dear Miss May:
I am very lucky and am able to go to NY soon for a weekend of theater and, well, just enjoying New York. I attended theater events in high school, but New York is really sophisticated, and I’m not. I really don’t know how I should act when I go to the theater. Any advice?
Girl from the Midwest
Dear Midwestern Girl:
Audiences at operas and theaters are becoming increasingly less formal. Prior to the second half of the 20th Century, an evening at the opera was a pinnacle cultural event for high members of society. Gentlemen wore black tie attire or the even more formal white tie, while ladies were fully adorned in evening gowns. Today, except for on opening night, which remains as one of the most formal social events in a cosmopolitan city, one might easily go to the opera straight from work. Men wear dark dinner jackets and suits, and women wear suits and evening dresses. So if you bring a nice dress along, you will be very presentable.
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