Rossini’s La Cenerentola in Milwaukee

Vivica Genaux
Genaux’s huge voice lifts ‘La Cenerentola’
She meets vocal challenges of title role with power, agility
By TOM STRINI [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 26 Feb 05]
Vivica Genaux hasn’t been singing long enough for the whole world to recognize it, but she is one of the greatest singers of our day.
Genaux returned Friday to the Florentine Opera, to sing the title role in Rossini’s “La Cenerentola.” Her voice was huge, and as dark and rich as a profound red wine. Rarely do voices with such weight come to roles such as this, which are loaded with quick, tricky ornaments and aerobatic coloratura tangents. For all its power, Genaux’s singing seems effortless, and her voice is incredibly agile. She articulated every note with utter clarity and accuracy, even in the fastest runs and at the extremes of her range.
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