Bach’s St. Matthew Passion at the Barbican

St. Matthew
St Matthew Passion
Tim Ashley [The Guardian, 28 Mar 05]
Like any masterpiece, Bach’s St Matthew Passion can be approached in different ways. Interpretations have varied from austere meditations on the crucifixion to music dramas of almost tragic implacability. Richard Hickox’s Good Friday performance with the City of London Sinfonia and the BBC Singers veered towards the latter, presenting us with an almost operatic experience, characterised by wide emotional fluctuations rather than contemplative homogeneity.
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St Mathew Passion
Neil Fisher [Times Online, 29 Mar 05]
YES, performing in Bach’s Matthew Passion must be an inspiring, soul-searing event. And knowing that the man who plays the all-important Evangelist is visibly moved by the music around him, and engaged by the awesome story that he’s telling, can and should add to its sum emotional effect.
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