Der Rosenkavalier at the Met

Richard Strauss
Lushly Lamenting the Wages of Time and a Lost Golden Age
By JEREMY EICHLER [NY Times, 15 Mar 05]
Some operas sound out universal themes, while others capture the precise fears and longings of the worlds from which they were born. Strauss’s “Rosenkavalier” does both, through the vehicle of a romantic comedy with a rapturous score that has been cherished by opera lovers since its premiere in 1911. It made a successful return to the Metropolitan Opera repertory on Friday in Nathaniel Merrill’s popular production, conducted by Donald Runnicles.
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Der Rosenkavalier, Metropolitan Opera, New York
By Martin Bernheimer, Richard Fairman and Brendan Lemon [Financial Times, 23 Mar 05]
The Marschallin in Der Rosenkavalier is supposed to be no older than 32 – sensitive, sensual and emphatically sensible. Richard Strauss told us so. She is seldom played that way. Over the decades, the role has become the specialty of well-upholstered divas of a certain age who stress regal pathos at the expense of erotic allure. It wasn’t like that, however, on Friday at the Met, where Angela Denoke basked in revisionist revelation.
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