The Independent Interviews Angela Gheorghiu

Angela Gheorghiu
Angela Gheorghiu: Born to sing of suffering
Angela Gheorghiu, the diva of the age, has a special affinity for the tragic heroines of Puccini’s operas. ‘I, too, have tears in my voice,’ the soprano tells Lynne Walker
[The Independent, 25 Mar 05]
“If Puccini were alive today, I’d be in love with him. I am sure of it. He knew how to write for sopranos: he really loved them,” says Angela Gheorghiu. And this soprano knows Puccini’s heroines well, having most of them in her repertoire or in her plans. On her latest CD, a handsomely packaged set from EMI, she steps into the shoes of all his major soprano characters, with the exception of the adulterous Giorgetta in Puccini’s most impressionistic score, Il Tabarro.
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