Michelle DeYoung in Chicago

Michelle DeYoung
The new girl of the golden West … Michelle DeYoung
BY WYNNE DELACOMA [Chicago Sun-Times, 17 Apr 05]
Michelle DeYoung, to seriously understate the fact, looked radiant.
The first of three performances as Sieglinde and Waltraute in Lyric Opera of Chicago’s hugely successful production of Wagner’s “The Ring of the Nibelung” was behind her, and the American mezzo-soprano seemed to be counting the minutes until she would be back on the Civic Opera House stage making passionate love to Placido Domingo, Siegmund to her Sieglinde in this production. Her cloud of long, crisply crinkled blond hair caught the light like an angel’s aureole as she settled into a conference room backstage at Lyric. She was revved up to talk about her transformation from a Colorado-reared, conservative Christian teenager whose chosen life goal was to marry and have lots of children into an opera singer in demand across the United States and Europe.
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