Upshaw in Downtown Philadelphia and Carnegie Hall

Dawn Upshaw
Dawn Upshaw at Verizon
By Peter Dobrin [Philadelphia Inquirer, 28 Apr 05]
A few seconds into Dawn Upshaw’s singing, you decide that the most important thing is purity of tone – honest, solid, unadorned tone – and Upshaw has it in spades.
No, it’s the ability to put across a lyric – to marry meaning and sound, as she so trenchantly did in Schumann’s Liederkreis.
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Shared Evening of Music Makes a Comeback at Carnegie Hall
By BERNARD HOLLAND [NY Times, 28 Apr 05]
Before Liszt and the advent of solo recitals, concert stages were well-populated jamborees: sometimes without a theme, even aimless, but welcome suppressions of the individual star ego. Shared evenings of music made a comeback at Carnegie Hall on Thursday with Dawn Upshaw and Richard Goode.
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