Rossini’s Il viaggio a Reims

Scene from Il viaggio a Reims, ossia L’albergo del giglio d’oro (Photo: Mariinsky Theatre)
Il viaggio a Reims
By GEORGE LOOMIS [Financial Times, 29 June 05]
When Rossini’s Il viaggio a Reims was rediscovered more than two decades ago, its musical brilliance was immediately recognised. But its almost nonexistent plot, designed to incorporate an abundance of superstars, lent credence to Rossini’s decision to withdraw the opera once it had served its purpose — providing entertainment for the coronation of Charles X of France. Experiencing Il viaggio in the theatre, however, reveals its unconventional drama about a collection of upper-crust Europeans thwarted in their plans to attend the coronation to be an essential strength. The very triviality points up human foibles and, in the context of Rossini’s elaborate music, supplies a source of hilarity.
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