PUCCINI: Tutti Libretti d’Opera

Each booklet contains the original libretto, along with commonly used variants, if any. In addition, pertinent biographical data, a summary of the plot, and explanatory notes are included. All text is in Italian. Nevertheless, this is a valuable reference work for even the most linguistically challenged. It is difficult to find outside the European Union. For readers in North America, contact Joseph Patelson Music House in New York to special order it for you.
Gary Hoffman

image_description=Giacomo Puccini: Tutti Libretti d’Opera
product_title=Giacomo Puccini: Tutti Libretti d’Opera
product_by=Edited by Eduardo Rescigno. San Giuliano Milanese: Casa Ricordi (a division of BMG Publications), 2004.
product_id=LB 139097, ISBN 88-7592-768-5