Berg’s Wozzeck at the Met ó Three Reviews

An Expressionist Fervor, Illuminated by Levine
By ANTHONY TOMMASINI [NY Times, 29 December 2005]
If James Levine could zap himself back in time and conduct the premiere of any opera in history, what among his favorites might he choose? Perhaps the Vienna premiere of Mozart’s “Nozze di Figaro.” Or the Milan premiere of Verdi’s “Otello.” How about the Munich premiere of Wagner’s “Meistersinger,” a work he conducts magnificently? I love the idea of Mr. Levine’s giving a sublime account of this humane comedy and forcing the anti-Semitic composer to confront his twisted prejudices.
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Levine’s Fine Judgment
BY JAY NORDLINGER [NY Sun, 29 December 2005]
James Levine did what he was expected to do on Tuesday night: conduct a superb performance of Berg’s “Wozzeck.” The Metropolitan Opera has revived Mark Lamos’s production of 1997.
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Wozzeck, Metropolitan Opera, New York
By Martin Bernheimer [Financial Times, 29 December 2005]
‘Tis the season to be jolly. But no one seems to have told that to the masterminds at the murky and quirky Metropolitan Opera. Apart from a few flighty Fledermice and loony Lucias, the final weeks of 2005 are dominated by bleakness and gore. Nearing the end of its premiere run, Tobias Picker’s sordid An American Tragedy served as a matinee-broadcast vehicle on Christmas Eve. Tuesday night Alban Berg’s eternally grim Wozzeck returned in preparation for transmission on the afternoon of New Year’s Eve. Luckily it is a very good Wozzeck.
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