BRITTEN: Death in Venice

Yet the latter easily eclipsed the former in terms of artistic merit. Death in Venice is Brittenís Faust and is inherently dramatic. Wisely, Yoshio Oida, the director, knows that the real focus of the plot lies within Aschenbachís psyche. Nothing here was mere decoration, nothing merely for superficial effect. Everything revolved around the definition of the central character, even the basic imagery of Venice itself.
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image_description=Death in Venice by Thomas Mann
product_title=Benjamin Britten: Death in Venice
Aldeburgh Festival (1): Yoshi Oida (director), Tom Schenk (set designer), Paul Daniel (conductor), Britten-Pears Orchestra, The Maltings, Snape, Aldeburgh.
product_by=Gustav von Aschenbach : Alan Oke
The traveler and other roles : Peter Sidhom
Voice of Apollo : William Towers
Tadzio : Pavel Povraznik
product_id=By Anne Ozorio [Seen and Heard, 11 June 2007]