Bruckner: Symphony no. 8 in C minor, WAB 108 (1890 [Second Version])

As difficult as it is to identify a single score as representative of its composer, Symphony no. 8 in C minor by Anton Bruckner is an essential work that may be regarded as the quintessence of his accomplishments in the form.


ChÈrubin: ComÈdie chantÈe in three acts.

Satyagraha at the MET

Satyagraha is an odd duck to encounter if you are seeking a traditional opera-going experience or anything like it.

Sarasota rises above the regional

Victor DeRenzi is a man of convictions ó and of courage. Given his commitment to tradition, you might call DeRenzi, artistic director of Sarasota Opera since 1982, conservative.

Atalanta at the Royal College of Music

Florez wows crowd at Met with 18 high Cs

No Breaks in Life, Not Even in a Fast-Food World

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A Cut Too FarÖ..the new Giulio Cesare in Lausanne

With what might (if one were risking facetiousness) be termed a ìfalse-setî of four countertenors in the cast, this was always going to be an intriguing production of Handelís Giulio Cesare for aficionados of a voice type which has revolutionised the perception (and popularity) of baroque opera over the past 15 years.

The Minotaur ó Royal Opera, Covent Garden

Harrison Birtwistle’s new full-scale opera, commissioned by the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, is a study of isolation and imprisonment.