Billy Budd at the Barbican

Recorded live at
the Barbican, London, between 5 and 9 December 2007, this performance involves
a fine cast, led by Nathan Gunn as the title character and Ian Bostridge as
Edward Vere, who stand out for their fine depictions of their characters in
this work. Gunn has performed the role in various houses and brings to this
recording the details of the character that both draw on his experience and
also benefit from the clear direction Harding brings to this performance. The
same can be said of Bostridge in the pivotal role of Captain Vere, whose memory
of the story of Billy Budd serves as the frame for this opera, a Christ story
by Herman Melville, which received dramatic shape in the libretto by Eric
Crozier and E. M. Forster that serves as the basis for this intriguing score by

This particular recording of Billy Budd offers an evenly solid cast, in
which the interplay between the characters emerges clearly. The solid delivery
of the text through the sung voices conveys well the vocalizing Britten
employed, such that the words come off clearly and, more importantly, the sense
of the lines. Phrasing works well to allow the music to fit the libretto, such
that the transition from Vere’s opening monologue and the scene that follows
it (“Pull my bantams!” are equally clear. This transparent presentation of
the score occurs throughout the recording, such that the culminating scene with
Billy Budd in act 2, scene 3 is readily accessible, and the title character’s
number “And farewell to ye, old Rights of Man!” is presented with the
musical style and dramatic weight it deserves.

Beyond the performances of these two main figures, the other characters are
well sung by fine performers. Gidon Saks offers a solid Claggart who conveys
the character’s determination well, with Jonathan Lemalu giving good voice in
his role as Mr. Flint, with these and the other principals supporting the drama
well. They interact in the libretto with the characters Budd and Vere, who
benefit from the strong performances of these singers. This also applies to the
men of the London Symphony Chorus, who give voice to the crew of the ship
throughout the opera, especially the choral music in the third scene of the
first act and also the first scene of the second. The balanced, resonant sound
is effective, with the rich choral textures serving as a contrast to the
extended passages for solo voices.

That stated, the last part of act two is effective for various reasons, with
the solid performances by Gunn and Bostridge standing out for their memorable
portrayal of the roles of Budd and Vere. With Harding’s leadership, the
resulting drama is borne out well in the pacing of the score as the work comes
to its conclusion. The scenes unfold with appropriate musical sense and a
thoughtful sense of phrasing, so that the text of the well-written libretto is
always clear and prominent. This memorable reading is powerful in the intensity
that emerges well in this live recording of Britten’s score, with the
epilogue in Vere’s voice fitting appropriately onto the entire, impressive
enterprise. Among the various recordings of Billy Budd currently
available, it is good to have this reading, which brings a certain dynamic
quality to the work.

The recording itself is spaciously recorded and issued on three discs, with
a full libretto, along with a translation into French. The banding is useful in
allowing for a sensible division of the work into the various parts of each
scene, so that it finding specific passages is easy to do. More than that, the
sound is uniformly clear and resonant, conveying well the live performances on
which this release is based.

James L. Zychowicz

image_description=Virgin Classics 19039
product_title=Benjamin Britten: Billy Budd, Op. 50
product_by=Nathan Gunn: Billy Budd; Ian Bostridge: Edward Vere; Jonathan Lemalu: Mr. Flint; Gidon Saks: John Claggart; Daniel Teadt: Donald; Neal Davies: Mr. Redburn; Andrew Kennedy: The Novice; Matthew Best: Dansker; Matthew Rose: Mr. Ratcliffe. London Symphony Chorus. London Symphony Orchestra. Conductor: Daniel Harding.
product_id=Virgin Classics 19039 [3CDs]