Vienna State Opera Keeps It’s Team

Meyer, born in the Alsace region of France, where German is a common second
language, has worked in arts administration in France, including a period with
the OpÈra de Paris, and was the respected director of the ThÈ‚tre des
Champs-…lysÈes in Paris at the time he was given the job of Vienna’s
“designated director” in June 2007. Only midway through his second
season, his careful expansion of the opera’s repertory while giving
attention to the conservative public has won him wide support.

Meyer’s hiring of Austrian-born Franz Welser-Mˆst, 51, as the General
Music Director has also been a hit with audiences and critics. One of the top
conductors of today, his music leadership has also been extended. Welser-Mˆst’s
contract will now expire in 2018 but there is an option to renew until 2020.
His current contract with the Cleveland Orchestra will draw to an end in 2018

“Vienna has grown on me,” Meyer’s commented. “I have
an excellent music director at my side, a wonderful team and I feel a lot of
support from the audience. There is no better job in my profession than to lead
the Vienna State Opera.”

Frank Cadenhead

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