Barcelona’s Liceo Opera in Financial Crisis

A double-bill of Zemlinsky’s A Florentine Tragedy and
The Dwarf plus performances of Debussy’s PÈlleas et
have been scratched as well as ballet evenings, concerts and a
recital by soprano Nina Stemme.

The theater has suffered from a cut in government subsidies of 15% both this
year and last along with sagging sponsorship income. In an effort to cut 3.7
million Euros from this year’s budget, the theater will close from March 20
through April 10 and again from July 5 through August 8 for a total of 56 days.
Salaried employees will be on unpaid leave for those periods. The box office
will offer refunds, exchanges and donation opportunities for tickets to
cancelled events. These reductions are likely to create some problems with
business sponsors since tickets to upcoming performances are a usual benefit
for donors.

Ticket sales have remained fairly steady, reports general manager Joan
Francesc Marco but the cuts in government support came at the same time as
business sponsorship has been in decline. Opera workers and others have blamed
Marco for bad management and the drop in sponsorship.

Frank Cadenhead

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