Ignacio Garcia-Belenguer Appointed

This change was announced after an April
19 joint meeting of the Advisory Council and the theater’s Board of
Directors. Contracted for five years, he replaces Miguel MuÒiz who was general
manager of the acclaimed house for the past eight years.

Garcia-Belenguer, a Zaragoza native, was appointed administrative manager in
February and now will lead the house. MuÒiz tendered his resignation last
December and will continue on the Advisory Council at the “Royal
Theater.” MuÒiz is credited with stabilizing the company and creating new
audiences. His 2008 invitation to the innovative Gerard Mortier to be artistic
director for five years, starting in 2010, guaranteed a higher international

Spain’s opera houses have been dealing with a substantial reduction in
government subsidies and are busy developing private support. Strikes have been
threatened in the past weeks at the Teatro Real and have have created difficult
times. Threatened with protests is Placido Domingo’s appearance in the
Parisian Ch‚telet production of Alfano’s opera “Cyrano de
Bergerac” scheduled for next month. The immediate cause of the threatened
work stoppage is a letter to employees of the house demanding a refund of money
paid due to an administrative error.

The budget for this season has been reduced by 1.5 million Euros but
dramatic economies and projected increased private donations has allowed the
Board of Directors to project a balanced budget for the present year.

Frank Cadenhead

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