New edition of Handel cantata: Guildhall School of Music and Drama

Historical Performance students and Junior Fellows Thomas Allery, Hannah
Blumsohn, Ella Bodeker, Jens Franke, Lucy Neil and Jorge Silva worked under
the direction of professors Nicholas Parle and Dionysios Kyropoulos to
create a musical edition of this work, which was composed by Handel around
the time of his arrival in London in 1712.

Two editions of the cantata have been produced: an Urtext edition (clean,
without extra editorial suggestions, fit for use by early music
specialists); and a performance edition, incorporating performance and
editorial suggestions, making it accessible to anyone wishing to perform
this work regardless of whether or not they have specialist historical
performance training.

The Guildhall students drew upon Handel’s autograph manuscripts – digitised
by the British Library and the Foundling Museum – as well as their own
specialist training, working upon specific areas of the project most
relevant to their own instrument or vocal studies. Included with the
musical scores is a preface outlining the history of the work, in addition
to a detailed analysis of the process and methods undertaken to create the

Dr Christopher Suckling, Head of Historical Performance at Guildhall
School, says: “When lockdown led to the cancellation of the Historical
Performance department’s remaining summer performance work, other musical
doors were opened. Having the time and space to play with music in the kind
of depth that producing an edition requires has been transformative. The
result is something unique; not just another critical edition, but an
opinionated performing edition in which the students reveal the processes
through which they themselves have learned. This edition is a lockdown
performance – an expression of both the students’ musicianship and the
dedication of the professors who have supported them through this
challenging term.”