Octavio Roca on Carmen

*Carmen Forever*
By Octavio Roca
October 19, 2004
Bizet’s legendary heroine still inspires artists and opera lovers.
The woman is fascinating, no question about it.
Little by little, we are still getting to know Carmen. The fascination is strong, and Carmen’s allure has proved irresistible to artists across the ages ever since Prosper Mérimée first imagined her in his 1845 novella, Carmen. Seville’s most celebrated denizen this side of Figaro and Don Juan has seduced poets and musicians, choreographers and filmmakers, and above all she has seduced audiences. She is seducing them still. Carmen has been the object of cultural obsession, extending well beyond the opera house, although it is there on the operatic stage that this fiery heroine is at her most compelling. And, perhaps, in her most tragic incarnation as well.
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