Nozze in Baltimore

Le Nozze di Figaro by J Martinez

A beautiful ‘Marriage’ with lots of heart
Classical Music; Baltimore Opera will stage Mozart’s brilliant ‘Figaro’
By Tim Smith [Baltimore Sun, 6 Mar 05]
Human beings will always be good for a laugh, especially when they’re in full pursuit of sex.
This makes them a continual subject for low, lower and lowest-brow entertainment — check out almost any TV sitcom today for a demonstration. More brain cell-active studies of this behavior can, of course, produce valuable insights alongside the chuckles. Occasionally, as in the comedies of Shakespeare, an observer of these mortal fools will even fashion from their foibles the stuff of real art.
And once in a great, great while – only once in the past 219 years, I would argue — the human condition can inspire the creation of something not just amusing, but profoundly rewarding and impossibly beautiful. Something called The Marriage of Figaro.
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