Garsington Opera: Five Young Singers Win Prestigious Awards

Three further awards to emerging young artists have also been won: the
Helen Clarke Award by baritone Se·n Boylan, the Simon Sandbach Award by
baritone Kieran Rayner and the Christine Collins Award to soprano Josephine
Goddard. These awards are made in recognition of their extraordinary
talent, musical skill and contribution to the 2019 Garsington Opera

These young singers were part of the 2019 Alvarez Young Artists’ Programme
which provides invaluable training and performance opportunities to those
singing small roles or in the chorus at Garsington Opera. As well as
performing on stage, these artists have understudy opportunities, and
participate in masterclasses, training seminars on professional development
and public recitals.

Bianca Andrew who understudied the title role and sung the principal role
of Flamel in Fantasio said: “As an opera singer still at the
beginning of her career, there are always the inevitable expenses that
arise for auditions, coaching, lessons and travel. This award will go a
long way in allowing me to prepare my work to the highest level in the
seasons ahead.”

Oliver Johnston who has sung principal roles in previous seasons and
understudied and performed the role of JenÌk in The Bartered Bride
said: “Understudying JenÌk was an amazing experience, giving me the chance
to explore some Czech repertoire for the first time in a safe and
supportive environment. Garsington invests so much in their young artists
and covers and thanks to this investment and amazing support I felt well
prepared to step onto the stage when the time came.”

Se·n Boylan who understudied and performed the title role of Don Giovanni
and was in the chorus commented: “Receiving the Helen Clarke Award is a
great honour which provides me with timely practical support and I am
deeply grateful. An undeniable love of opera, support of young talent and
an infectious community spirit make Garsington a truly unique experience.”

Kieran Rayner chorus member and understudy for the Prince of Mantua in Fantasio said: “I’ve loved working with Garsington – fantastic
music, a beautiful setting, and incredibly talented and generous staff,
crew, creatives and fellow cast. It is a real pleasure to be part of the
Garsington family.”

Josephine Goddard chorus member and understudy for the role of Ma?enka in The Bartered Bride said: “I’m indebted to Garsington for all the
opportunities they have given me this year and I will be putting this
generous award towards making some new recordings and having some singing