Parsifal in Toulouse

AurÈlien Bory, director of a small, avant garde theater company in Toulouse, staged a spellbinding Parsifal at the ThÈ‚tre du Capitole, Toulouse’s famed Orchestre National du Capitole in the pit — FYI the Capitole is Toulouse’s city hall, the opera house is a part of it.

LucrËce Borgia in Toulouse

This famed murderess worked her magic on Toulouse’s ThÈ‚tre du Capitole stage, six dead including her beloved long lost son. It was Victor Hugo’s carefully crafted 1833 thriller recrafted by Italian librettist Felice Romano that became Donizetti’s fragile Lucrezia Borgia.

La Walkyrie in Toulouse

The Nicolas Joel 1999 production of Die Walk¸re seen just now in Toulouse well upholds the Airbus city’s fame as Bayreuth-su-Garonne (the river that passes through this quite beautiful, rich city).

La Favorite in Toulouse

French mistresses are much in the news these days, and now the ThÈ‚tre du Capitole’s new production of Donizetti’s La Favorite has added considerable fuel to the fire.