Katia Kabanova in Toulon

K·?a Kabanov· is, they say, Jan·?ek’s first mature opera — it comes a mere 20 years after his masterpiece, Jen?fa.

Peter Grimes in Nice

Nice’s golden winter light is not that of England’s North Sea coast. Nonetheless the OpÈra de Nice’s new production of Peter Grimes did much to take us there.

A Definitive New Callas


Guillaume Tell in Monaco

Peasants revolt in a sea of Maserati and Ferrari’s.

alt folks at home


LA Opera Presents Figaro 90210

Figaro 90210 is Vid Guerrerio’s modern version of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Lorenzo DaPonte’s 1786 opera, The Marriage of Figaro.

Tristan und Isolde at the Wiener Staatsoper

David McVicar’s production of Wagner’s seminal music drama runs aground on the Cornish coast.

Songs of Night and Travel, Wigmore Hall

The coming of ‘Night’ brings darkness, shadows and mystery; sleep, dreams and nightmares; fancies, fantasies and passions.

Andrea ChÈnier, Royal Opera

Umberto’s Giordano’s Andrea ChÈnier, now at the Royal Opera House, is no more about history than Jesus Christ Superstar is about theology.

The Met’s ‘La Traviata’ lean on glamour, rich in insight